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Sweet Spectrum
50 Pastry & Baking North America
Publisher’s Note:
HansWelker’s love for pastry
and baking goes back to his childhood in Idar-
Oberstein, Germany. Today, he brings more than
40 years of experience to his job as an assistant
professor of baking and pastry arts at The Culinary
Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Chef Welker
is a CMB (certified master baker) and completed his
apprenticeship in Germany and worked throughout
Europe. He achieved his Konditor Meister degree,
Germany’s master pastry chef certification, in 1988.
To learn more about the CIA and its expert faculty,
On one of my motorcycle tours to Scandinavia, I discovered this
tasty bread in Sweden – Swedish Limpa. Limpa translated means loaf,
and this type of loaf happens to be a favorite. Originally this bread
was made with brewer’s wort, a product extracted during beer
making.While there are many recipes still existing using stout beers,
this version containing rye sour and flavored with orange rind, fennel,
coriander, and currents is a favorite of mine. I enjoy this bread simply
topped with butter and lingonberry marmalade; however, it is tasty
with many other toppings as well, such as smoked salmon. Or, you
can eat it with smoked elk like the Swedish do.
When I prepare this bread I use a traditional three-step
sourdough method.
Swedish Limpa
Traditional Bread
from Scandinavia
By Hans Welker
Photography by Keith Ferris
20-quart standing mixer with a dough hook
2 sheet pans
Plastic bowl scrape
Bench scraper
Steam Injection Oven
rye sour, bread flour, water, whole wheat flour,
currants, salt, orange zest, spice mixture, and molasses.