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1. Melt chocolate and cocoa butter at 45
2. Mix hazelnut paste, pop rice and chocolate
chips with chocolate mixture.
3. Spray into flexipat 348 x 248 mm.
E. Raspberry Coulis
500g raspberry puree
85g caster sugar
15g gelatine sheet
1.5pc lemon juice
1. Cook raspberry with sugar.
2. Add dried absorbed gelatin.
3. Pour into Flexipat 348 x 248 mm then
1. Put chocolate crispy at the bottom.
2. Then dacquois and chocolate mousse.
3. Add raspberry coulis and dacquois again.
4. Close the cake with orange custard mousse.
5. Add necessary decoration with coulis,
orange slice and strawberry.
24 Pastry & Baking
Asia Pacific
Regional Showcase
Orange & Chocolate Crispy Cake
Confectionery Chef
Baker’s Kingdom Int’l Inc.
Quality Center
Ming Ying Chiu
Your Notes
Serving: 40 cakes
150g almond powder
135g sugar powder
35g cake flour
255g egg white
110g caster sugar
1. Whip egg white and sugar.
2. Sift almond powder, sugar powder and cake
powder. Mix into egg white mixture.
3. Spray into flexipat 555 x 360 mm and bake
at 180
C for 25 minutes.
Orange Custard Mousse
300g milk
700g orange juice
150g egg yolk
250g caster sugar
65g hot-process custard powder (CPT)
50g butter
80g orange concentrated
17.5g gelatin sheet
200g dairy cream
1. Bring milk and orange juice to boil.
2. Add egg yolk, caster sugar and CPT.
3. Continuously cook until a custard cream.
4. Add butter, dried absorbed gelatin and
orange juice concentrate.
5. Add whipped dairy cream when
temperature reaches 30
6. Spray into flexipat 348 x 248 mm then
Chocolate Mousse
300g dark chocolate 73/27/42
450g dairy cream
1. Melt chocolate at 45
2. Mix with whipped cream.
Chocolate Crispy
105g dark chocolate 73/27/42
30g cocoa butter
230g hazelnut paste
100g pop rice
60g chocolate chip (bake stable)