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Président 35.1% fat liquid UHT whipping cream will amaze you.
However you use it, it maintains all its qualities and remains an
indispensable ingredient for all your recipes.
Light and airy, it produces one of the stiffest whipped creams,
with the exceptional whipping rate of 2.5.
Even after 48 hours refrigeration, it still possesses all the
qualities of freshly whipped cream, which means that all your
creations will also remain as fresh as when you first made them.
Rich and smooth, even when added to ingredients with a high
acidic or alcohol content, it is the ideal ingredient to enhance
your salads and desserts.
Stable and reliable, it remains consistent
even at high temperatures.
Président liquid cream will take your
cooking to dizzy heights.
Président liquid cream is recommended
by top chefs.
Excellent whipping
rate : 2.5
Cold :
rich and smooth
Hot :
good reductive qualities
A versatile cream,
ideal for whipping
Hit the top!
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A solid base for high quality cooking