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While the judges examined each contestant’s cake,
chef Laura Ragano of The French Pastry School
demonstrated beautiful gumpaste creations. She was
assisted by Wayne Johnson, host of “Wayne’s Weekend”
on NBC Chicago News Today.
“This competition was a successful event on many
levels: It provided a challenge and creative outlet for
students in both the culinary and high school levels,
while benefiting the members of Esperanza,” said Franco
Pacini, Director of Pastry Chicago and Board Member
of Esperanza Community Services. “It’s a wonderful
thing to bring several sectors of the educational
community together and to contribute to a worthy
Pastry Chicago is a group of passionate people who
love and enjoy all forms of pastries. Pastry Chicago is
made up of professional pastry chefs, students of the art
of pastry and people who enjoy eating and the visual art
of pastry. The goal of our group is to experience the Art
of Pastry in all its glory at educational fun events across
the city of Chicago and at the same time promote the
fantastic talents of all the Artisans who work at the craft
of producing beautiful delicious pastries.
Esperanza Community Service’s mission is to provide
instruction and services to people with disabilities to
reach their fullest potential toward a productive and
independent life in the community. Its vision is to be a
premier agency that provides a full range of quality
services for people with disabilities and to advocate on
their behalf to enhance their quality of life and to increase
community awareness and acceptance.
For more information on Esperanza and all they do,
2nd Place Culinary Student
Leila Manoochehri