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1. Gather necessary elements for milk chocolate ganache
(chocolate melted to 45
2. Heat cream to 45
C. Pour slowly into melted chocolate
forming a supple shiny emulsion.
3. Sprinkle caramelized cocoa nibs into Flexipan cavity.
4. Cast ganache. Freeze to release.
1.2 Maracaibo Creole
49% Ganache
Cream 900g
Glucose 110g
Maracaibo creole 49% 1220g
Heat cream, sugar, and glucose to boiling point.
Pour it little by little onto the melted chocolate
and blend the ganache to make an emulsion.
1.3 Whipped Ganache
“Milk Chocolate Chantilly”
Maracaibo creole 49% ganache 525g
heavy cream 35% 525g
Combine ingredients and refrigerate overnight.
Whip the mixture to obtain a creamy texture so
that it can be piped or quenelled.
1.4 Créme Fraiche Whipped
Créme fraiche 400g
Mascarpone 60g
Heavy cream 30g
Granulated sugar 15g
Vanilla bean 1ea.
Scrape bean into sugar. Combine all and whip.
1.5 Jivara Lactee Cremeux
Milk 250g
Heavy Cream 250g
Granulated sugar 50g
Fresh egg yolks 100g
Anglaise base 500g
Jivara Lactee 250g
1. Proceed as per anglase with first 4 ingredients.
2. Scale out need anglaise base and make an
emulsion with the jivara lactee.
1.6 Milk Chocolate Sauce
Milk 150g
Glucose 20g
Jivara Lactee 240g
Amoretti Hazelnut Praline paste item #6 50g
1. Scald milk and glucose.
2. Pour over melted chocolate and praline paste.