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as if it were going out of style. We braided, filled, cut, divided,
laminated, twisted, turned, and rolled – you name it, we did it...
and the customers bought it!
It was not until much later that I developed the ability to appreciate
the versatility of this dough and I now encourage all my students
to master this formula. Everyone should have a good sweet dough
formula in their repertoire –you’ll find that you will turn to it again
and again. While I consider it to be an enriched dough, it is certainly
doesn’t contain as much butter as others in this category, such as
the classic brioche.
In the United States, sweet dough is used to make the classic
cinnamon buns and sticky buns that pair wonderfully with your
morning coffee – but don’t stop there! There is so much more you
can do, and you can see one example through the simple Russian
braid that is shown on these pages. My students are always amazed
that such a simple technique can produce such a unique and beautiful
product, all from the same dough. Your customers will appreciate
the variety of forms and their curiosity will hopefully drive up sales.
Sweet dough products can use any bakeproof filling that can
sustain the heat of the oven, such as a cinnamon sugar crumble
or a toasted nut filling. And you don’t have to stop with the sweet
side – this dough is perfect for savory applications, too. A pesto
and cheese combination puts a new flavor spin on a sticky bun
shape and the Russian braid can be made with a sun dried tomato
30 Pastry & Baking
North America
here’s nothing particularly Swiss about sweet dough,
but I had my first experience with it as I was deeply
entrenched in my apprenticeship. We used sweet dough
Publisher’s Note:
Ciril Hitz is the Department Chair for
the International Baking and Pastry Institute at Johnson &
Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. He has been
recognized both nationally and internationally with numerous
awards and accomplishments. Ciril recently published two
DVD series:
Bread Art
Better Bread.
His upcoming book,
Baking Artisan Bread
, is due for released in October 2008.
More information on Ciril and his work can be found on his
web site:
Artisan Baker
spread, perfect for your next catered luncheon. If you do
decide to go savory, you may choose to skip the lemon
zest or vanilla bean and add a little chopped rosemary
or other savory herb instead. I have included several
filling options in my upcoming book,
Breakfast Breads
and Pastries
, due out later this fall – so if you haven’t
found one that you like by then, you can certainly give
one of my favorites a try.
The combinations and possibilities are endless to what
you can create. This dough is easily implemented into the
daily production and it is my hope that you will give it a
try. Have some fun with some new shapes and flavors!