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Marzipan Cherry
Cherry Truffles
Coconut Bavaroise
Cherry Jelly
Coconut Dacquoise
Boiron Coconut Puree
Gold Gelatine Sheets
Bardinet Coconut Liquor
Boiron Cherry Puree
Callebaut Cocoa Powder 22-24%
Callebaut Grenade 60% Couverture
Chocolate Master Dark truffle shells
Callebaut Madagascar Couverture 66%
Callebaut Mycryo
2 x PCB Cube Mould 10 x 10cm
Demarle Silpat Mat
Demarle Flexipan Mini half-spheres (Ref #1242)
Coconut Dacquoise
150g Egg White
50g Castor Sugar
40g Roasted Almond Meal
90g Icing Sugar
60g Desiccated Coconut
Whisk egg whites to soft peaks. Add sugar gradually. Then fold
through the remaining sifted ingredients. Pipe onto a prepared
baking tray in a square shape 1cm smaller than the cube ring.
Bake for 15-20 minutes on 170
C until golden brown and cool.
Coconut Bavaroise
250g Boiron Coconut Puree
60g Egg Yolks
50g Caster Sugar
6g Gelatine sheets
10g Bardinet Coconut Liquor
450g Semi Whipped Cream
Boil the coconut puree and whisk the egg yolks and sugar
separately. Pour the boiled puree over the egg mixture slowly
then return to the heat and whilst stirring reach 85
C. Add the
pre-soaked gelatine and sieve. Cool to 40
C and add the alcohol
and fold through the semi whipped cream.
Cherry Jelly Spheres
325g Boiron Cherry Puree
40g Caster Sugar
50g Chopped Sour Cherry
8g Gold Gelatine Sheets
Mix the defrosted fruit purée, sour cherries and the sugar, add
one quarter of this mix to the gelatine (melted by micro-wave,
pre-softened in cold water and drained). Pour into Flexipan
Mini half-spheres (Ref #1242). Freeze for about an hour before
joining the two halves to create a sphere.
240g Fresh Cream 35% fat
50g Water
360g Caster Sugar
100g Callebaut Cocoa Powder 22-24%
20g Callebaut Grenade 60% Couverture
11g Gold Gelatine
100g Star Fix Neutral Glaze
Boil cream, caster sugar and water and then add the cocoa
powder and star fix.
Boil again then remove from heat and add pre-soaked gelatine
and strain over couverture.
Whisk until all the couverture is combined, then use the glaze
when it reaches 35
Cherry Truffles
16 Dark Truffle Shells
60ml Cream 35% Fat
60g Boiron Cherry Puree
10g Inverted Sugar
105g Callebaut Madagascar Couverture 66%
15g Callebaut Mycryo
10g Kirsch Liquor
Boil Cream, cherry puree and inverted sugar and pour over
couverture and cocoa butter. Mix until all the couverture is
melted then add in the kirsch and mix until combined. Pipe
into prepared truffle shells and seal.
Sugar Garnishes
1kg Sugar
400g Water
300g Glucose
3g Liquid red colour
Melt the sugar and water in a clean pan. Remove from heat at
boiling point. Skin the sugar and add the glucose. Bring to the
boil again to 160
C. Add red colour and cool immediately to stop
it cooking. Dip marzipan spheres into the slightly cooled sugar
and attach them to some polystyrene and create a cherry stalk.
Line the 10cm cube mould with cut guitar sheets. Place a square
of dacquoise in the base. Pipe a layer of the coconut bavaroise
on top followed by nine cherry jelly spheres. Cover with another
layer of coconut bavaroise followed with another square
dacquoise. Repeat the same process with coconut bavaroise and
cherry jelly, level the top of the cube and place eight truffle shells
evenly on top. Freeze and glaze when the glaze is between 35-
C. Garnish with a single sugar cherry on top and chocolate
plaques around the base.