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Creative Cakes
Publisher’s Note:
Elisa Strauss is the owner of Confetti
Cakes and specializes in handsculpted delicious works of
art. Elisa and her creations have appeared on numerous
national television shows and in the pages of countless
international publications. A frequent competitor on the
Food Network, Elisa’s first book,
The Confetti Cakes
, was released in Spring 2007 and is in its fourth
printing, and her second book entitled
Confetti Cakes for Kids
is due out in November. For more information, please visit
58 Pastry & Baking
North America
Make the candles at least one day in
advance, especial ly if you use
fondant as this will provide ample
time for the candles to harden and
stand straight.
If you need them to dry more
quickly, use gum pas te . The
quantities described herewith will
make 5 candles, but it’s a good idea
to make extra in case of breakage.
The measurements are the same for
both fondant and gum paste.
Photography by Ben Fink
Mini Cakes
Photography by Jordan Pique