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60 Pastry & Baking
North America
Creative Cakes
4. Prepare brownie batter and bake in a half-sheet pan. Let cool for 20
minutes. Remove from pan, wrap tightly in plastic wrap, and freeze for
at least 1 hour (this will make the brownies easier to cut.) While the
brownies are chilling, make the filling. Dye the filling in your desired
colors. Cut the brownies into 15 wedges, 2
inches wide and 4 inches
long. For each mini cake, you will use three wedges of brownie.
5. For each cake, place the first wedge on a plate or flat surface. Coat the
top with approximately
inch of filling and place the next wedge on
top, then repeat. Each mini cake will consist of 3 layers of brownie and
2 layers of filling. After the top layer of brownie is on, push down slightly
to secure the layers. Place the cakes in the refrigerator and chill for 1
hour or until the frosting is firm.
6. Crumb coat the top and backside of the brownie wedges with a very
thin layer of frosting. Use a serrated knife to trim any excess frosting
from the sides and top of each slice.
7. Dye the fondant (approximately 3 ounces per mini cake) your desired
colors. For the slices pictured here, we used pale purple, lime green, and
white. On a plastic mat greased with shorten-ing, roll out the fondant
inch thick and cut the fondant into 5 pieces. Cover only the top
and the backside of each cake and trim with a scalpel or paring knife.
8. To add polka dots, use
ounce of fondant per mini cake and dye it the
desired color. Here we used yellow, pale blue, and pale pink. Roll out
the fondant as thin as possible and use a #809 pastry tip to cut out about
8 polka dots for each mini cake. Use a small paintbrush to attach the
dots with little dabs of egg whites or water.
9. Use a small dowel or toothpick to create a hole in the center of each
wedge and insert a dried candle into the hole.