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Wild Sweets
Publisher’s Note:
Dominique and Cindy Duby are the
chefs and owners of DC DUBYWild Sweets
, a critically
acclaimed chocolate atelier and virtual boutique, which has
emerged as one of NorthAmerica’s finest artisan chocolatiers.
The couple also owns DC DUBY Hospitality Services Inc.,
aVancouver-based international firm offering culinary training
and consulting services to hotels and catering companies
worldwide, as well as culinary creative and marketing services
such as product development, food styling, and photography.
For more information, visit
66 Pastry & Baking
North America
As mentioned in Part 01, spherification is a culinary technique that
is based on the premise of controlled gelification. Reversed
spherification applies the same concept of gel forming, but instead
some calcium (gluconate / lactate) is added to a liquid (such as fruit
juice, sweet or savory infusion / extraction...). It is then submerged
into a gel forming hydrocolloid (sodium alginate) solution, and a
reverse spherification is achieved. The resulting sphere-shaped
preparations are fairly stable and can be made ahead of time. However,
they should be kept under refrigeration. The spheres (conventional
or reversed) can also be enclosed to provide texture contrast in mini
cakes, for example, providing a hidden liquid center-like filling.
Apple Anise
150 mL (
cup) apple juice
5 g (
6 pieces) star anise
30 g (2 Tbsp) granulated sugar
4 g (1
tsp) GLUCA
Combine the apple juice and
star anise in a saucepan; bring
to a boil. Remove from heat,
cover with a tight fitting lid or
plastic wrap and let infuse for a
few hours, overnight is best.
Strain the infused apple juice
and bring to a boil. Mix the
sugar and GLUCA together and
whisk into the boiling juice.
Dispense mixture into half
sphere flexible silicon moulds
and freeze completely, overnight
is best.