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750 mL (3 cups) water
30 g (2 Tbsp) granulated sugar
3 g (1 tsp) SODAL
Pour the water into a saucepan
and bring to a boil. Combine
the sugar and SODAL together,
whisk into the boiling water and
strain mixture into a container.
Let cool slightly (about 45
C) and drop the frozen apple
spheres into the warm SODAL
water (make sure they do not
touch each other). Let the
spheres sit in the bath until a gel
‘skin’ forms and center is
completely liquid (about 6 to 8
minutes). Using a slotted spoon
remove the spheres, rinse them
in a separate warm water bath
and serve. If large amount of
spheres are needed, make extra
infused apple juice and store
the finished spheres in the
infusion in the fridge.
Puffed Millet
20 g (1 cup) puffed millet
10 g (2 tsp) salted butter, melted
30 g (2 Tbsp) granulated sugar
In a bowl, toss the puffed millet
with butter, add sugar and mix
gently until all of the millet are
covered. Transfer mixture onto a
baking sheet lined with silicon
mat or paper and bake at 350
C) for approximately 6
minutes. Let cool and store in an
airtight container.
Serve the Apple Anise Spheres
over a fruit or chocolate mousse
along with the Caramelized
Puffed Millet.