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Felchlin Grand Cru
Under this label, Felchlin creates pure Grand Cru chocolate made of
noble grade cocoa from the same geographic region.With a commitment
to selecting only the finest beans from top plantations, Felchlinís buyers
painstakingly conduct intensive in-field analysis in search of only the
most superior quality. Once determined, the beans are shipped to
Switzerland for traditional, slow and gentle processing resulting in the
finest Grand Cru.
In a taste analysis, all of the world’s premium chocolates were
sampled by the renowned and independent Italian Pastry Academy.
Felchlin’s Maracaibo Clasificado 65% was awarded the finest chocolate
in the world.
With a well-balanced combination of coffee, plum and orange blossom
aroma, Maracaibo Clasificado 65% delivers a distinct cocoa flavor with
light, sweet raisin notes. Available in bar and coins.