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workings of a several very select bakeries in the Chicago area.
In conjunction with the convention, ICES held its second
certification program at Pheasant Run Resort for Certified Sugar
Artist (CSA) andCertifiedMaster SugarArtist (CMSA) designations.
The 8 hour test focused on specific skills, techniques and mediums
used in Cake Decorating and related sugar artistry. The first twelve
candidates to meet the entry deadline were selected to participate
in the program. Of those twelve, the following candidates achieved
ICES CMSA certification: Vicki Harlen (Abbeville SC), Edith Hall
(Hallsville, MO), Mary Jo Dowling (Westford, MA), Mike E. Terry
(Ridgefield, NJ), Ruth Rickey (Oklahoma City, OK) and Eurico
“Jing” Palasique (Des Plaines, IL). Gary Silverthorn (Kimball, MI)
received the ICES CSA certification. The adjudicators were chosen
from among national and international experts within the ICES
organization, including previous ICES CMSA recipients. ICES is
proud to offer this certification† program in the hope that the
process will educate and encourage its members to develop their
talents in the sugar arts, acquire new sugar art skills, strive for
excellence, and improve their standard of decorating now and into
the future.
What “A Sweet Time in ’09” was enjoyed by 1,400 attendees at
the 34th Annual ICES Convention and Cake Show. The event
was held at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois,
USA, July 30 through August 2, 2009 with sugar art enthusiasts
attending from throughout the United States, as well as Canada,
Japan, South Africa, England, Philippines, South America,
Mexico, Sri Lanka and many other countries.
The Magnificent Mile Cake Gallery, which was home to over
600 sugar art creations, centered around the incredible Unique
Show Cake. Standing 7 feet tall, the show cake depicted several
aspects of what ILLINOIS is known for: from the prairies to the
farmlands, the railways, Chicago skyline and the States’s famous
jazz and blues. The gallery even had a larger than life chocolate
bust of Abe Lincoln. It was truly a highlight of the Magnificent
Mile Cake Gallery and something spectacular for all to see!
If viewing sugar art and watching demonstration wasn’t
enough to keep the attendees busy, there was always the Vendor
Hall, filled to capacity with over 80 vendors, showing the newest
tools of the trade.
Some attendees arrived early in the week to take advantage
of some very exciting tours. 300 individuals took the Wilton
Industries and French Pastry School Tour. Wilton opened their
doors and showed off their facility, explaining the timeline of
how the company got started by McKinley Wilton and grew
through the years. The Decorating Room, Wilton School and
the Retail Store were highlights on this half of the tour. After
a drive to Chicago, the tour-goers were treated to a chocolate
demonstration at the French Pastry School, after touring their
state of art facility. A few hundred others took advantage of
the bakery tours, where they got to see the behind the scene
34th Annual
& Show
The International Cake Exploration Societe (ICES) is a
nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of cake
decorating and sugar arts. ICES was founded in Monroe, MI in
1976 by Betty Jo Steinman. Our membership is composed of
“sugar artists” ranging from the hobbyist and home baker to
professional cake decorators, caterers, shop owners, wholesalers
and manufacturers. We work with icings, pulled sugar, rolled
fondant, marzipan, gum paste, chocolate, gingerbread and cookie
dough.The organization currently has more than 3,400 members
including amateur, professional and master decorators.
For more information please visit the ICES website at