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Barry Callebaut recently introduced Chocolate Masters, a new
line of high-quality, ready-made chocolate decorations that are
ideal for pastry chefs and chocolatiers. Food manufacturers also
can use Chocolate Masters decorations to add a finishing touch
to products in the post-production stage.
“The new Chocolate Masters products were designed for
chocolate professionals who are looking to bring their creative
culinary ideas to life with an added touch of chocolate,” said
Jerome Landrieu, an award winning pastry chef and director of
the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Chicago. “In
developing these decorations, we consulted with professional
pastry chefs and chocolatiers from around the world to come
up with a line of versatile, ready-made products that could be
used in a number of applications, whether it’s topping a tartlet
with chocolate blossoms or serving up a creamy custard in a
chocolate cup.”
Chocolate Masters decorations are manufactured using high-
quality Barry Callebaut dark, milk, white and marbled chocolate.
The product line includes:
• Chocolate Shavings
• Chocolate Blossoms
• Chocolate Cups
• Chocolate Truffle Shells
• Chocolate Shapes
• Chocolate Pencils
Off The Wire
Barry CallebautIntroduces
Chocolate Masters
Made Decorations to North
The Brown Pearl of the
Over 200 years ago, Swiss
farmers settled on the
Saman· peninsula on the
northeast coast of the
Dominican Republic and
set up a cocoa plantation
called “Hacienda Elvesia”.
Today, this noble cocoa is
st i l l cul t ivated at the
Hacienda Elvesia following
the principles of sustainable
agriculture resulting in the
finest Trinitario and Criollo
quality cocoa.
In harmony with nature, Hacienda Elvesia’s cocoa is certified
NOP (National Organic Program) and RAC (Rainforest Alliance
Hacienda Elvesia is an excellent example of the type of cocoa
producer Felchlin chooses to partner with in our effort to create
the world’s finest chocolate.
Cru Hacienda Elvesia Republique Dominicaine 74%
72 hours conching, dark.
NEW: Cru Hacienda Elvesia Republique Dominicaine
42 % 30 hours conching, milk.
10 Pastry & Baking
North America
For more information on Chocolate Masters decorations,
contact Barry Callebaut North America at 866-443-0460.
Felchlin’s Commitment to
Social Responsibility,
Sustainability and Quality
Felchlin is committed to quality and
being a steward of social responsibility
and sustainability. The quality of cocoa
we seek can not be sourced from mass
producers. Our intimate network of
small cooperatives and haciendas do
not rely solely on the proceeds from
cocoa for their livelihood, but on the
products of a diverse agriculture. Yes,
the social conditions are rural but
intact – the children go to school and
medical care is available.
Likewise, due to traditional agricultural methodologies,
Felchlin’s network of cocoa production is ecologically
sustainable. Our farmers don’t use pesticides or fertilizers.
And, Felchlin rewards selected quality with premium prices
that average 50% above prevailing market prices – far greater
than the standard 7% above market promoted by Max Havelaar
Fair Trade.
Over the years, Felchlin has committed itself to the search
for the best flavoured cocoas in the world. In doing so, we
reward the producers of these cocoas with prices that are unlikely
to be matched by any other company. Also, by maintaining a
year round presence in the region, Felchlin is able to promote
and maintain socially responsible working conditions and
environmentally sustainable production.