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New Book
The Modern Café is the first
comprehensive, must-have
reference for the aspiring
restaurateur or cafe owner
who wants to launch a
modern, upscale café and get
every detail right the first time. This exquisitely illustrated
volume is packed with professional guidance and master
recipes for breakfast pastries, artisanal sandwiches, truffles
and treats, and much more. Additionally, an entire chapter
is devoted to the retail shelf, a key contributor to any cafe’s
financial health. It includes nearly 250 recipes plus 150 sub-
recipes, more than 100 photographs, and approximately 75
illustrations. It breaks the cafe down into its five key
components – the bakery, the pastry shop, the savory kitchen,
beverages, and the retail shelf – with expert advice and
contemporary recipes for each area.
Author Francisco Migoya is an assistant professor at The
Culinary Institute of America, where he teaches the Cafe
Operations class for the Baking and Pastry Arts program
With information on all aspects of the cafe business-finances,
human resources, food production, recipe/menu
development, and even decor – The Modern Cafe offers
both inspiration and instruction for anyone
who wants to operate a successful cafe.
King Arthur
Flour Receives
A+ in The
Better World
Shopping Guide
October 2009 – Norwich, Vt. – King Arthur Flour is the only
Baking Goods & Baking Supplies company ranked with an
A+ in The Better World Shopping Guide. King Arthur Flour
is noted in the guide as a “Corporate Hero” for being
employee-owned, and receiving honors such as a Business
Ethics award and Better Business Bureau Torch Award.
The guide, written by Ellis Jones and published by New
Society Publishers, considers companies’ records on human
rights, the environment, animal protection, community
involvement, and social justice in creating the rankings. The
rankings are based on more than 20 years worth of research
provided by 35 nonprofit resources including the Better
Business Bureau, Business Ethics, the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency, Greenpeace, and more.
Companies in 75 categories are ranked in the guide,
ranging from airlines to condiments to gasoline and wine.
Fewer than 45 companies in the guide received A+ rankings.
Other A+ companies include Seventh Generation, Patagonia,
Equal Exchange, Aveda, and Preserve.
More information about The Better World Shopping Guide
is available at