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Molded BonBon Milk
Chocolate Lime Ganache,
Candied Lime Zest, Dark
Couverture Shell
Milk Chocolate Lime Ganche
Cream 60g
Butter 85g
Yolk 50g
Sugar 100g
Lime Juice 60g
Lime Zest 2 pcs
Milk Chocolate 38% 190g
Boil cream, butter and zest. Make anglaise with
cream mixture, sugar and yolks. Add juice and
strain over chocolate. Stir with whisk and let
cool before depositing into shells.
Candied Lime Zest
Sugar 200g
Water 200g
Lime Zest 17 pcs
Cut lime zest 2” x
”. Add to sugar and water
and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain and let dry.
14 Pastry & Baking
North America
Regional Showcase
Executive Pastry Chef
JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa
Kaushik Chowdhury
Your Notes
Hand Dipped BonBon
72% Ganache, Peanut
Praline, Peanut
72% Ganache
Dark Chocoalte 72% 60g
Cream 64g
Glucose 7g
Butter. soft 7g
Bring cream and glucose to a boil. Pour
over chocolate and mix with whisk. Let cool
to 90
F and add butter. Spread on top of
praline layer.
Peanut Praline
Peanuts, whole toasted 25g
Sugar 49g
Water 5g
Paste, from above 79g
Peanuts, granulated, toasted 38g
Mycryo Cocoa Butter 12g
Bring sugar and water to dark amber. Pour
over whole nuts and let cool completely. Robo
Coupe to a smooth paste (5-10min). Melt
cocoa butter and add to paste along with
granulated peanuts. Spread
” thick between
confectionary rulers.
Peanut Florentine
AP Flour 128g
Brown Sugar 128g
Light Corn Syrup 113g
Butter, melted 113g
Peanuts, granulated 100g
Mix together sugar and flour. Add corn syrup
and butter. Spread batter thin and sprinkle
peanuts on top. Bake at 350