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Creme Chantilly Tonka
(60cm x 40cm)
Cream 35% 1080g
Tonka bean 12g
Elianza 35% milk chocolate (ref. 20400)
Gelatin 8g
1. Process tonka bean into powder and put
into the cream.
2. Boil the cream with the tonka bean.
3. Pour the hot cream above the Elianza 35%
milk chocolate and mix with a hand mixer.
4. Add the gelatin.
5. Pass through a sieve to remove the tonka
6. Keep cream in the fridge.
7. After 1 day, whisk the cream to give a hard
texture and pipe the cream above the square
of hazelnut and praliné dacquoise.
The cream needs at least 12
hours in the fridge to have the best texture
and flavors.
Creme Mascarpone Et Maple
Cream 35% 700g
Maple syrup 150g
Yolk 200g
Mascarpone 500g
Gelatin 14g
Cream 35% 300g
Nougat fragments 500g
1. Boil the cream and maple syrup together.
2. Mix the fresh yolk together.
3. Add the boiling maple cream into the yolk
and pour one more time into the saucepan.
Cook until 84
4. Add the gelatin and cool down until
5. When the mixture is around 60
C, pour
into the mascarpone and mix well together
to obtain a smooth texture.
6. Cool down until 15
7. Add the whisked cream and the nougat
22 Pastry & Baking
North America
Regional Showcase
Executive Pastry Chef
Global Dining Group,Tokyo, Japan
and Consultant for Michel Cluizel Asia Pacific
Stephane Vieux
Your Notes
Dacquoise Noisette (60cm x 40cm)
Hazelnuts powder 250g
Flour 100g
Icing sugar 415g
Egg white 415g
Sugar 270g
1. Mix the Hazelnuts powder, flour and icing
sugar together and pass through a sieve.
2. Whisk hard the egg white with the sugar.
3. Add the mix of powder into the meringue
and move slowly to obtain a smooth
4. Pour the dacquoise onto a Silpat and spread
with a spatula to obtain the same thickness.
This recipe is the right weight for a 60 cm x
40 cm baking tray.
* Cook in oven for 18 minutes at 180
* Once cooked, cool down and keep inside
Praline Feuillete (60cm x 40cm)
Hazelnut paste 250g
Praliné Saveurs MICHEL CLUIZEL
(ref.21015) 250g
ELIANZA 35% milk chocolate
(ref.20400) 125g
Feuillentine 200g
Souffletine de MICHEL CLUIZEL
(ref. 21820) 50g
Butter 50g
Roasted hazelnuts 50g
1. Mix the hazelnut paste and praline together.
2. Add the melt milk chocolate (50
3. Add the feuillantine and Soufflétine de
MICHEL CLUIZEL and mix slowly.
4. Add the melted butter and roasted
5. Pour this preparation above the hazelnut
dacquoise and spread with a spatula.
6. Keep in freezer and once hard, cut square
a bit smaller than the mould (8cm x 8cm)
The mold of the cake on the picture is actually
10 cm x 10 cm.
8. Pour into a 8cm x 8cm mold and insert
3 slices of milk chocolate Elianza 35%.
Once frozen, this cream will be above the
square of hazelnuts dacquoise and tonka
Mousse Chocolate Elianza 55%
Sugar 280g
Water 100g
Egg 200g
Yolk 240g
Elianza 55% dark chocolate
(ref. 20055) 650g
Cream 35% (whisk) 1000g
1. First whisk the yolk and eggs mixer.
2. Cook the sugar and water until 116
3. Pour the hot syrup into the yolk and
egg. Keep whisking until cold.
4. Melt the Elianza 55% dark chocolate at
5. Put the chocolate into the sabayon and
mix slowly.
6. Add the whisked cream into the
chocolate base.
7. Pour into the mold immediately and
add the frozen centre.
8. Keep in freezer.