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36 Pastry & Baking
North America
of Love
Asian Fusion
Publisher’s Note:
Pang Kok Keong is the
executive pastry chef at Canelé Pâtisserie
Chocolaterie in Singapore. A two time winner of
Pastry Chef of theYear at the annualWorld Gourmet
Summit Awards along with SingaporeTeam Captain
for the 2005 Coupe du Monde de la Pâtiserie, Pang
is one of Asia Pacific’s leading chefs and always looks
to infuse local flavors and ingredients into his cutting
edge creations.
The combination of rose and lychee was made famous by Pierre Herme’s
“Ispahan” – a rose macaron filled with rose cream, lychee pieces and
fresh raspberry. The first time I visited Paris in 2005 I got a chance to
taste this famed confection and was blown away.
Inspired by the vision of one of the greatest pastry chefs, I strived to
create my own dessert that encapsulated my time in France and paid
homage to a humble yet diverse Asian fruit.
Tumbler of Love provides a wonderful platform for lychee as I replace
Chef Herme’s raspberry element with Korean Yuzu, add almond crumble
for much needed texture and layer the dessert for a surprise in each
Equipment and Utensils
Electric Mixer
Microwavable Containers
Mixing Bowls
Rubber Spatula
Piping Bag
Piping Tube
Siphon + N2O chargers
Measuring Jug
Baking Tray
Silicon Paper
Induction Hob
Light Lychee Mousse
500g lychee puree
40g lychee liquor
16g gelatin
600g whipped cream
Italian Meringue
55g egg white
105g sugar
23g water
Yuzu Jelly
277g yuzu compote
150g water
7g gelatin
Rose Meringue
350g egg white
120g sugar
14g rose petal extract
Drops red coloring
Almond Crumble
100g butter
100g sugar
100g flour
100g ground almond
50g chopped almond
Mix all ingredient together. Break
into pieces and bake at 160
C till
golden brown. Set aside in an air tight
container till needed.
White Chocolate Disk
Temper some white chocolate, spread
a very thin layer over a plastic sheet,
when it’s starting to crystallize, cut
out with round cutter. After it’s fully
crystallize, remove from plastic and
using a heated metal tube, make a
hole in the centre for straw.