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Pastry & Baking North America:
How’s business?
Thankfully, we’re very busy. Fortunate to have lots of
work for our staff and ourselves. The majority of our staff
has been with us for 3 or more years so we’re like family.
I’m sure a lot of restaurants and bakeries are sticking
together more now than ever.
How’s the baby?
Great, thanks for asking. She gets a lot of attention at the
bakery and loves croissants.
Over the years, Tartine Bakery & Café has certainly
garnered its fair share of awards. How has the business
changed since the open or have you stayed true to the
original concept?
We’ve stayed true to the way we started – absolutely. That
said, our approach is always to adapt to the neighborhood’s
needs and that’s what we’ve always done. We make food
to feed people. Our production has gone up a lot since we
opened, but the high volume has actually allowed us to
buy larger quantities of incredible, seasonal berries, fruit,
and other ingredients that might be too expensive if we
used less.
Congrats to both of you for the 2008 James BeardAward
for Outstanding Pastry Chef and Baker in America.
After previously being nominated for the award in 2006
and 2007, what did it feel like to win?
Thank you very much. The nomination is such an honor.
Being there amongst the group of nominees is amazing.
It’s a fun week to be eating in New York.
Getting that vote from our peers is inspiring; it makes
you want to work harder and become better at what
you do.