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Sweet Shortcrust Pastry
260g Unsalted Butter
180g Pure Icing sugar
105g Eggs
65g Ground almonds
500g Plain Flour
60g Semi Confit Orange
Pinch Salt
50g Callebaut Mycryo Cocoa Butter
Mix butter and flour until you create a crumb texture. Add
ground almond and icing sugar and finely chopped orange
semi confit. And lastly eggs and salt. Store in the fridge at
C, roll out 2mm thickness and line 2 x 200mm tart rings.
Line tart shells with plastic wrap and fill with rice. Bake tart
shells at 170
C after 7 minutes remove the rice and plastic
and continue to bake for a further 5 minutes. Sieve Mycryo
over the tart whilst still hot and cool.
Yuzu Jam
Spread a thin layer of Yuzu jam on the base of the tart.
Milk Chocolate Honey Creamer
342g Cream
84g Egg Yolks
32g Honey
156g Callebaut 823 Milk Couverture
60g Callebaut Grenade Dark Couverture 60%
Boil cream and mix the egg yolks and honey together with
a whisk. Pour the boiled cream over the egg yolk and honey
mixture. Then place it back on the stove and while stirring
continuously re heat the mixture to 80
C to produce an
anglaise. Strain the anglaise over the two chocolates and whisk
until all the chocolate is melted. Pour into baked tart shell.
Walnut Black Sesame Florentine
85g Sugar
50g Cream
25g Honey
25g Glucose
42g Butter
50g Walnuts
50g Sesame Seeds
40g Black Sesame Seeds
4g NH Pectin
Heat butter, sugar, cream, honey and glucose in a pan until a
golden colour is achieved. Then add sesame seeds, almonds
and pectin. Place in Demarle flexipans ref 1548 30g in each
insert and bake at 180
C for 5-8 minutes.
Caramel Mousse
220g Caster Sugar
80g Glucose
125g Fresh Milk
125g Fresh Cream
100g Egg Yolks
375g Semi Whipped Cream
7g Gold Gelatine Sheets
Cook the sugar to caramel, then deglaze with pre-boiled glucose,
cream and milk. Pour over eggs and combine return to the heat
and whilst stirring heat to 80
C. Strain and add pre-soaked
gelatine. Fold through semi whipped cream. Pipe into prepared
Martellato Semi freddo mould ref SS015.
Praliné Glaze
190g Fresh Cream
25g Fresh Milk
230g Callebaut Hazelnut Praline Paste 50%
160g Callebaut Sao Thome Couverture 70%
460g Mirror Glaze
120g Water
8g Gold Gelatine Sheets
Red Oil Based Colour
Add the cream, milk and water to the saucepan and boil.
Pour the boiling liquid over the praline paste, couverture and
pre soaked gelatine then the mirror glaze, add colour combine
with a stick blender and strain.
Yellow Velvet Spray
150g Callebaut Mycryo
150g Callebaut W2 White chocolate
10g Yellow Oil Based colour
Melt Mycryo and chocolate together with the yellow colour
mix with a stick blender. Heat to 40
C before spraying the
frozen surface of the cake. As an alternative you can also use
the yellow velvet spray.
Semi Confit Orange
Callebaut Mycryo
Yuzu Jam
Callebaut 823 Couverture
Callebaut Grenade Couverture 60%
Black Sesame Seeds
NH Pectin
Gold Gelatine Sheets
Callebaut Hazelnut Praline Paste 50%
Callebaut Sao Thome Couverture 70%
Red Oil Based Colour
Callebaut W2 White Chocolate
Yellow Oil Based Colour
2 x 200Mm Tart Rings
Demarle Silpat Mat
Demarle Flexipan Ref 1548
Demarle Silform Mat
Rolling Pin
Martellato Semi Freddo Mould Ref SS015
Spray Gun and Compressor