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Best Chocolate Dessert
Chocolate mousse with ginger brownie, pear sorbet
and kumquat compote
Yield: 6
Pear Sorbet
Sugar 75g
Water 100g
Pear puree 250g
Pear schnapps 10g
Boil sugar and water.
Add the pear puree and schnapps.
Sugar Crust Praline
Sugar 125g
Water 60g
Pear schnapps 50g
Boil sugar and water to 119
Add the pear schnapps.
Fill the syrup in dry starch.
Crystallize for 6 hours.
Hazelnut Crème
Milk 100g
Sugar 20g
Egg yolk 30g
Potato starch 15g
Callebaut Mycryo cocoa butter 15g
Praline 1:1 light 100g
Gelatin 1 sheet
Cream 130g
Boil milk, sugar, eggs yolk and starch.
Mycryo, praline light plus gelatin intermix.
Leave to cool to 25
C, fold in the whipped cream.
Crunchy Coating
Butter 20g
Carma “Claire” Swiss Top milk chocolate 80g
Praline 1:1 light 180g
Callebaut Pailleté Feuilletine 40g
Roasted hash hazelnut 30g
Coffee powder 30g
Half candied orange peel 20g
Melt butter and Carma Claire milk couverture.
Mix all together.
Ginger Brownie
Butter 180g
Icing sugar 200g
Carma Origine Rare Madagascar 100g
Eggs 120g
Walnut hash 80g
Flour 80g
Fresh ginger 10g
Candied ginger 25g
Whip the slightly softened butter with the icing sugar.
Melt the Carma Couverture Madagascar “Original Rare”.
Mix the eggs, chocolate and butter alternating.
Add the rest of the ingredients.
Bake at 160
C/20 minutes.
Madagascar Mousse
Eggs 75g
Sugar 27g
Carma Origine Rare Madagascar 105g
Gelatin 2 sheets
Cream 300g
Beat eggs and sugar warm/cold.
Melt the couverture/gelatin and mixed.
Leave to cold slightly (40
C) then slightly fold the whipped
Kumquat Compote
Kumquat 160g
Sugar 100g
Water 200g
Vanilla bean
Pectin 3g
Grand Marnier 20g
Pistachio Glaze 10g
Cut the kumquats in half.
Then boil with sugar, water, vanilla and pectin for 15 minutes.
Add the Grand Marnier and pistachio glaze.
Pear Compote
Pear 2pcs
White wine 100g
Sugar 50g
Water 100g
Vanilla bean
Peel the pear and cut in small chunks.
Boil with white wine, sugar, water, vanilla for 2 minutes.
Pear Foam
Pear juice 250g
Lecithin powder 1g
Mix into a foam.