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50 Pastry & Baking
North America
Grand Gateaux
Publisher’s Note:
Kirsten Tibballs is one of
Australia’s most celebrated and internationally
respected pastry chefs. Specialising in chocolate
and patisserie, Kirsten is the Austral ian
Ambassador for Callebaut and Cacao Barry
Chocolate and she established the Savour
Choco l a t e and Pa t i s ser i e Schoo l i n
Melbourne in 2002. For more information visit
16cm square
Almond sponge base topped with almond milk mousse followed
by strawberry jelly spheres followed by additional almond milk
mousse and coated with a white chocolate glaze.
I created this entremet for our level one gateaux class at
Savour. Square is the new round, so we have adapted a lot of
our recipes into a square or cubed shape.
Almond Paste 50%
Gold Gelatine Sheets
Almond Milk
Boiron Strawberry Puree
White Oil-based Colour
Callebaut White Chocolate W2
Callebaut Mycryo
PCB Sugar Nuggets
15cm Square Cake Frame
16cm Square Cake Frame
Demarle Flexipan Ref 2265
Demarle Silpat Mat
Photos by Greg Elms Photography