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Many gluten-sensitive people have only dreamed of
eating gooey cinnamon buns, crusty French bread, savory
pizza, and smear-worthy bagels. But now, thanks to Chef
Richard J. Coppedge Jr. of the Culinary Institute of
America, everyone can indulge. Whether you’re a first-
time baker or professional chef, you will find the baking
techniques comprehensive and easy to master. Using a
combination of Chef Coppedge’s flour blends, you will
soon be creating pies and tarts, cookies and brownies,
and savories and pastries to tempt any palate, gluten-
sensitive or not.
Richard J. Coppedge, Jr., CMB, and member of the
Bread Bakers Guild of America, is a professor of Baking
and Pastry Arts at the CIA where he’s taught how to
bake enticing alternatives for people with celiac disease
or wheat allergies for many years.