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Meanwhile, in Treasure Island Food’s Cooking
School, Chef Della Gossett of The French Pastry School
of Kennedy-King College at City Colleges of Chicago
gave an educational pastry demonstration. Chef Della
showed guests of Pastry Chicago how to make one of
her favorite frozen treats, nougat glacé. The airy dessert
was dotted with candied nuts and Moscatel-soaked
raisins; her elegant interpretation of an oatmeal cookie.
The participants worked with a range of products
from California Raisin including Zante currants
and golden raisins so they could create flavors with
the dried fruit that went beyond the typical rum-
raisin. Ruth and Phil’s Ice Cream made a sour cream
cinnamon ice cream with currants who’s delightful
tang to balanced its sweetness. Jove T’s Ice Cream
Shop brought a creative swirl of crème fraîche ice
cream and pineapple sorbet studded with rum-soaked
raisins that tasted just like carrot cake. A frozen bar
of chocolate-dipped cheesecake from Eli’s Cheesecake
was a hit with the kids and adults alike. Amy’s Candy
Bar set up a miniature candy store at the social,
including raspberry malted milk balls, gummy bears,
chocolate sea shells, and three different kinds of
homemade caramels. Zarlengo’s Italian Ice created
one of their famous bars for the event made with
exquisite banana sorbet and rum-soaked currants
encased in a milk chocolate shell.
Pastry Chicago’s next event will be the Fifth Annual
Amateur Cookie Competition featuring almond and
California Raisin cookies on August 25th. Amateur
and student contestants will get a chance to see a
demonstration by a chef instructor from The French
Pastry School and to submit their unique cookie
recipes for a chance to win great prizes. For more
information on future Pastry Chicago events, please
Pastry Chicago is a group of passionate people who
love and enjoy all forms of pastries. Pastry Chicago
is made up of professional pastry chefs, students
of the art of pastry and people who enjoy eating
and the visual art of pastry. The goal of our group
is to experience the Art of Pastry in all its glory at
educational fun events across the city of Chicago and
at the same time promote the fantastic talents of all the
Artisans who work at the craft of producing beautiful
delicious pastries.
The French Pastry School is a premier international
institution of pastry arts education. Superb instruction,
superior equipment, and top quality ingredients enable
the co-founders and Academic Deans, Chefs Jacquy
Pfeiffer and Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F., to uphold
an exceptional educational facility for pastry and
baking. The French Pastry School’s team of award-
winning instructors has grown to a faculty of many
renowned chefs, including Jonathan Dendauw, World
Pastry Champion Dimitri Fayard, Della Gossett, Scott
Green, World Pastry Champion En-Ming Hsu, Joshua
Johnson, Master Cake Artist Nicholas Lodge, Kristen
Ryan, Master Cake Artist Mark Seaman, and World
Baking Champion Pierre Zimmermann.