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Daniel Keadle’s entremets
entitled “L’Ocean de Citron”
Kalsons (The Fairmont Seattle, WA) for his stunning
tribute to The Four Elements punctuated by a flourless
chocolate coconut cream gateaux. Kalsons received an
engraved trophy and $750 cash award.
Alioto took third place and the Societe Culinaire
Philanthropique Award. She was presented with a Bronze
Medal and $1,000 for her imaginative showpiece, which
included raspberry and lychee milk chocolate bonbons.
Daniel Keadle’s gravity-defying entry, featuring an
entremets entitled “L’Ocean de Citron,” earned him
second place honors, a Silver Medal and $2,500.
And to resounding applause, five-time competitor
Anthony Smith was named Pastry Chef of the Year. He
was awarded a Gold Medal and $4,000. Smith’s exotic cake
of mango, passionfruit and coconut, and his yuzu and
ginger bonbons, earned him the highest marks in both
categories, easily ensuring the win.
When asked about his flavor success, Smith quoted
advice he’d received from a past judge, “You don’t wear
sneakers with a tuxedo.” He smiled and explained the
importance of maintaining a clear focus and keeping the
profiles clean and straight-forward. “Make your flavors
pop. Make them say exactly what they are. Don’t give the
judges any crazy surprises!” His thoughtful, well-executed
components clearly delivered on those guidelines and
While 2012 may have seen fewer entries than years
past, the level of competition continues to astound. It’s
a testament to the heart and dedication of those who
choose to pursue the pastry arts.
This is a profession of passion,” said President of Paris
Gourmet, Xavier Noel. It’s one that continues to produce
extraordinary talent. And one that’s welcoming a growing
number of female chefs with each passing year. And
that should make the 2013 theme, Women, all the more
compelling and sweet.
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