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68 Pastry & Baking
North America
Sweet Spectrum
Publisher’s Note:
HansWelker’s love for pastry
and baking goes back to his childhood in Idar-
Oberstein, Germany. Today, Hans Welker is an
assistant professor of baking and pastry arts at The
Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY with
more than 40 years of experience. Chef Welker
completed his apprenticeship in Germany and
worked throughout Europe. He achieved his
Konditor Meister degree, Germany’s master pastry
chef certification, in1988.
Vollkornbrot is a type of rye bread made the same way for the last 600 years.
Hans Welker feels that to make a great rye bread, one must have the
understanding of the proper handling of preferment and sours. Vollkornbrot
has an excellent shelf life, is a tasty addition to a daily bread basket, and is sure
to please health-conscious customers. Hans compares this bread to a wine
from Bordeaux, because – like wine – the flavor of the bread matures with
age. Vollkornbrot must be sliced thin, and is superb paired with smoked fish
or charcuterie. Hans enjoys his Vollkornbrot simply topped with butter and
fresh honey from his bees.
Photography by Keith Ferris
Recipe Delivers
Amazing Bread
Sourdough Starter
1.8 oz
Course Rye Flour
3.5 oz
Water (75º)
4.2 oz
Refresher Sponge
9.5 oz
Steam Injection Oven
20-Quart Standing Mixer with a Dough Hook
2 Sheet Pans
Plastic Bowl Scraper
Bench Scraper
Pullman Molds
Vollkornbrot is nutritious bread loaded with vitamins,
minerals, and fiber that is made with a traditional three-
step sourdough method.
Day 1 – Step 1: Refresher Sponge
In this stage, we give the yeast cells the opportunity to
multiply. We enhance moisture – retaining properties and
Prepare the refresher sponge by mixing the sourdough
starter with course rye flour and water.
Allow the mixture to ferment for 7 hours.