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Coco Loco
I created this cake for Georgie, my amazing
personal assistant. It contains all her favourite
flavours with lots of colour and texture.
28 Pastry & Baking
North America
Grand Gateaux
Publisher’s Note:
Kirsten Tibballs is one of
Australia’s most celebrated and internationally
respected pastry chefs. Specialising in chocolate
and patisserie, Kirsten is the Austral ian
Ambassador for Callebaut and Cacao Barry
Chocolate and she established the Savour
Choco l a t e and Pa t i s ser i e Schoo l i n
Melbourne in 2002. For more information visit
Pistachio dacquiose base, coconut cream and cranberries
coated in coconut and filled with Crispearls™.
Key Ingredients
Coconut Puree
Gold Gelatin Sheets
Cream of Tartar
Dried Cranberries
Desiccated Coconut
Green Oil Based Colour
Red Oil Based Colour
Green Metallic
Rubis Metallic
Callebaut Dark Crispearls
Demarle Flexipat FT 01010
Demarle Flexipan Oval Savarin REF 1054
Oval cutter to fit the base
Photos by Greg Elms and Seung Yun Lee
Pistachio Dacquoise
220g Ground Pistachio
55g Ground Almond
250g Pure Icing Sugar
305g Egg Whites
100g Caster Sugar
2g Cream of Tartar
Combine all together the
ground pistachio, ground
almond and icing sugar and
sieve. Whisk the egg whites
with the of cream of tartar
cream. When it reaches a soft
peak gradually add the caster
sugar and continue mixing
until all the sugar is dissolved.
Gently fold the dry
ingredients into the whisked
egg whites. Spread onto a
Demarle Flexipat FT 01010
and dust with additional icing
sugar. Bake in the oven for 25
minutes at 170
Coconut Bavaroise
385g Boiron Coconut Puree
100g Caster Sugar
55g Egg Yolks
9g Gold Gelatin Sheets
85g Desiccated Coconut
375g Cream (35% fat, semi whipped)
60g Dried Cranberries
Bring the coconut puree to the boil
together with the dried cranberries.
Re-weigh the coconut puree and replace
any absorbed liquid so you once again
have a weight of 385g. Boil again with
the cranberries. Whisk the egg yolks
with the sugar. Then slowly add the
boiled coconut puree. Once mixed
together place the mixture back into
the saucepan and stir on a low heat
until you reach 85
C. Strain
immediately and add the gelatin
(previously softened in water and
strained) then add the desiccated
coconut. Cool to 35
C before folding
through the semi whipped cream. Pipe
the bavaroise mixture into Demarle
Flexipan Oval Savarin REF 1054. Place
an oval cut out of the pistachio
dacquiose on the base and freeze.