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36 Pastry & Baking
North America
ith only a few months to go, the members
of Bread Bakers Guild Team USA 2010 are
intensely focused on practicing for the Louis
Lesaffre Cup at IBIE September 26-29. There is no question
why the teammembers are taking the preparations so seriously.
The Louis Lesaffre Cup is the regional qualifier for North and
South American teams to earn a coveted spot at the 2012
Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie in Paris. But the results
announced on September 29 will not be the only outcome of
this team training process.
Selected in the fall of 2009 through a series of “draft”
events, the nine members of Guild Team USA 2010 have spent
the last months training on their own and at discipline-focused
practices at locations across the US. The three members in
each category, Baguette & Specialty Breads, Viennoiserie and
Artistic Design, are working with their coaches to develop
and exchange ideas for competition products.
Steven Sands, Artistic Design team member, noted the
impact of working as a group in the process, “Every time we
see our teammates, we see new ideas. We are working on the
same ideas separately, and bring completely new things to the
table. It is very exciting, and together we see three times the
innovation than I would have developed on my own.”
Nathaniel Reid’s
Olympian in Flight
Team USA 2010
Broadening Baking Education
Steven Sands Artistic Design