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60 Pastry & Baking
North America
Sweet Spectrum
Publisher’s Note:
Chef Weber is an assistant
professor in baking and pastry arts at The Culinary
Institute of America (CIA), where his students learn
a modern approach to creating cakes and desserts
using the latest technology and equipment as well
as new presentation methods.
After beginning his career with an apprenticeship
under Jean Jeudon in Paris, ChefWeber has worked
in NewYork City, Chicago, London, and Paris. He
holds a Certificat, Aptitude Professionnelle from
Jean-Ferandi in Paris.
If you ask StephaneWeber what his favorite dessert would
be, it would have to include a perfectly ripe piece of fruit
accompanied by a piece of cheese.“I like to move from the
sweet to salt, go back to the sweet, and back to the salt.”
This perfect pairing is what inspired him to create Goat
CheeseYogurt with Date Puree & Sangria Sorbet.
Photography by Keith Ferris
Perfect Pairing
Inspires Sumptuous
4-quart pot
Fine mesh strainer
3-ounce ladle
4 medium stainless bowls
4 small stainless bowls
10-inch chef ’s knife
Paring knife
Cutting board
Parchment paper
Low density polyethylene paper
Plastic wrap
Standing mixer with whisk and paddle attachments
Rubber spatula
Offset spatula
Silicone mold (1 x 3)
Cutting guides
Ice cream machine
Bowl scraper
Wooden spoon
French dollar rolling pin
Bench brush
-sheet trays