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Felchlin’s Commitment to
Social Responsibility,
Sustainability and Quality
Felchlin is committed to quality and being a steward of social
responsibility and sustainability. The quality of cocoa we seek
can not be sourced from mass producers. Our intimate network
of small cooperatives and haciendas do not rely solely on the
proceeds from cocoa for their livelihood, but on the products of
a diverse agriculture. Yes, the social conditions are rural but intact
– the children go to school and medical care is available.
Likewise, due to traditional agricultural methodologies,
Felchlin’s network of cocoa production is ecologically sustainable.
Our farmers don’t use pesticides or fertilizers.
And, Felchlin rewards selected quality with premium prices
that average 50% above prevailing market prices – far greater
than the standard 7% above market promoted by Max Havelaar
Fair Trade.
Over the years, Felchlin has committed itself to the search
for the best flavoured cocoas in the world. In doing so, we reward
the producers of these cocoas with prices that are unlikely to be
matched by any other company. Also, by maintaining a year
round presence in the region, Felchlin is able to promote and
maintain socially responsible working conditions and
environmentally sustainable production.