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68 Pastry & Baking
North America
Wood Fired
Publisher’s Note:
The San Francisco Baking
Institute (SFBI) is a world-renowned leader in
artisan bread and pastry education and consulting.
More information on SFBI can be found at
Juliette Lelchuk is a pastry and viennoiserie
instructor at SFBI.Her primary roles are to develop
and teach a variety of viennoiserie and pastry
courses. Juliette also co-manages pastry production
for Thorough Bread and Pastry.
By Juliette Lelchuk
Photographs by Tchell DePaepe
Originally from the Limousin region of France, clafoutis is a traditional
rustic dessert comprised of a simple batter and unpitted black cherries
baked in a shallow dish. In this issue of Wood Fired, we depart from
tradition and suggest contemporary sweet and savory variations. Easily
baked in advance and held for service, clafoutis is an uncomplicated and
attractive offering for restaurants and cafés.
Our sweet formula takes advantage of two favorite spring fruits, whose
bright acidity complements the rich flavor of the Marcona almonds.The
savory formula serves as the ideal cold-weather comfort food, marrying
deep flavors of roasted fennel and sautéed guanciale.
One advantage of baking clafoutis in a wood-fired oven is its tolerance
to a relatively wide range of baking temperatures. Ideally baked between
450-650°F, clafoutis can easily be incorporated into any production schedule.
We hope you enjoy creating your own signature clafoutis. Feel free to
contact us with any questions.
Oven Setup
After firing the oven or finishing any
high-heat baking, remove fuel. Deck
heat should hover around 450
Load individual molds or place them
on small trays to facilitate loading and