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34 Pastry & Baking
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By Greg Mindel
Photography by Tchell DePaepe
Ideal for restaurants, hotels, or modern cafés, corn brisée is a spin on classic
pâte brisée, or “broken dough,” indicating that the dough has a short and
flaky texture and less hydration than pie dough. Offering endless variety in
flavor and form, these pastries combine slightly sweet and savory elements
making them perfect for service at any time of the day.
For these products, I chose to replace a part of the flour in a standard
pâte brisée with freshly ground corn and freeze-dried corn to create a deep
corn flavor with a slight bit of natural sweetness.* Next, I created a simple
cream and a custard to complement the flavor and texture of the brisée. Then
I added a variety of inclusions to add depth of flavor, and finally topped the
pastries off with a simple salad to complement the rest of the dish.
Corn brisée is ideal for baking on the down-slope of a wood fired oven’s
heat cycle, after the fire subsides. The high heat helps the butter leaven the
pastry and creates a rich flakiness in the thinly rolled dough.
We hope you enjoy this recipe. Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Ingredients Baker’s % Weight (kg)
Pastry flour
Corn, freeze dried
Corn flour
Water, cold
Corn brisée
Corn Brisée Tarts
Oven Setup
• After baking bread, remove fuel. Deck heat should
hover around to 600-620
• The bake is indirect on half sheet trays, requiring
no additional setup.
• Bake for 20-25 minutes, depending on the pastry’s
size and shape.
Inclusions: dry salami, fromage blanc custard, fromage
blanc cheese, house-made raisins
*We use dried corn and grind it ourselves.
You can also purchase packaged corn meal
or corn flour; do not use corn grits – they
are too coarse.