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20 Pastry & Baking
North America
Sweet Spectrum
Publisher’s Note:
Todd Knaster thought his
friend was crazy when he first told him he would
be a good teacher. Now the associate professor
at The Culinary Institute of America looks back at
his career and feels he has the best job – teaching
advanced pastry to students pursuing their
bachelor’s degree in baking and pastry arts.
Caramel Peanut Royale
One of Chef Knaster’s favorite things to do is to take a popular everyday
commercial product and transform it into a pastry or dessert. For the
following pastry, he uses the components of a Take-Five candy bar:
pretzels, caramel, peanuts, and chocolate. It has every quality needed
for a great dessert: crunchy, creamy, “cakey,” and dense as well as salty,
sweet, and bitter.
Candy Bar
By Todd Knaster
Photography by Keith Ferris
Metal frame 22
” x 14
” x 1
5-quart mixer w/ two bowls, one whip,
and one paddle attachment
1 whisk
2 rubber spatulas
4 medium mixing bowls
1 offset metal spatula – 10”
2 two-quart sauce pots
1 wooden spoon
2 full-size sheet pans
Parchment paper
Convection oven