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46 Pastry & Baking
North America
Artisan Baker
Publisher’s Note:
Ciril Hitz is the Department Chair for
the International Baking and Pastry Institute at Johnson &
Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. He has been
recognized both nationally and internationally with numerous
awards and accomplishments. More information on Ciril and
his work can be viewed on his web site:
osemary Raisin Suns were inspired by one of my
first practices for the Bread Bakers Guild World
Cup team practice in San Francisco. I still
remember the moment very clearly. We had just finished up
a long practice session and it was time for the evaluation
process where we took turns presenting our products to the
team and coaches. It was my teammate Tim Healea’s turn to
present his product line to the group. All of his products
were well received... except his rosemary raisin product. As
I listened to the feedback, I was astounded to find only one
other person other than myself believed that this product
had potential. We saw the combination of these two unique
ingredients to have great potential, whereas the coaching
staff dismissed the idea and tossed it aside, never to be heard
of again during the duration of the competition.
Well, the competition came and went and after some time,
I decided to try developing the idea of a rosemary raisin
product myself. I started with Tim’s formula and then made
some minor fine tuning adjustments. It wasn’t too long before
I felt I had achieved the delicate balance between the two
flavors. The product offers subtle textural differences between
the moist golden raisins, the crumb of the pastry, and the
crunch of the topping. Add to that a hint of rosemary along
with a light dusting of powdered sugar and it’s complete.
While dusting with the powdered sugar is always optional, I
highly recommend its use in this product due to the lower
sugar content in the pastry.
I hope you give this unique product a try. If you and your
customers fall in love with it, be sure to stop by little t american
baker in Portland, Oregon to thank Tim Healea for the
inspiration! Happy baking!
Raisin Suns
Bread flour
1# 1.3oz
11 oz
Instant yeast
0.1 oz
1. Combine all of the above ingredients and work into a
smooth consistency.
2. Cover so that no crust can form and allow to ferment at room
temperature overnight (ideally 12-15 hours at 68
to 70