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Creative Cakes
Publisher’s Note:
Ron Ben-Israel is a Master Pastry
Instructor at the French Culinary Institute in NewYork City
and the proprietor or Ron Ben-Israel Cakes whose elegant
creations have long been a favorite among celebrities and
the style-conscious. He was named the “King of Cakes” by
Modern Bride magazine and is the recipient of numerous
gold medals in culinary competitions. Visit his website
42 Pastry & Baking
North America
Cake decorating is an art with specific skills
that must be studied and practiced before
they can be mastered. One skill that will
def ini tely set you apar t from your
competition, and wow your customers, is
employing embroidery effects on the cake
surface. Nowadays, special occasion cakes
are highly scrutinized and by paying attention
to the smallest of details, your cake will
make a lasting impression and help build
your clientele.
Rebecca Woodman Taylor for Ron Ben-Israel Cakes
Measuring tape
Parchment paper
Colored sugar paste or Satin Ice Fondant
Clay gun/extruder
Paint brush
Small, sharp edged scissor
X-acto knife
Rebecca Woodman Taylor for Ron Ben-Israel Cakes