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Mac McConnell works at SFBI where his primary
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deconstructing the complexities of baking and
conveying that information to students.
By Mac McConnell
Photography by Tchell DePaepe
The second bread in our ancient grain series is a
great alternative to a traditional white pan bread.
This bread combines whole and white khorasan
wheat (trademarked as Kamut, which means wheat
in ancient Egyptian) and sorghum flour. Including
ancient grains and grasses in breads is a simple way
for the baker to improve nutrition and alter flavor.
Kamut, which is related to durum wheat, has
higher levels of select minerals and fats than modern
wheat. Kamut handles similarly to modern wheat,
but will require more water to obtain similar dough
consistencies due to the higher protein content (20-
40% more protein than modern varieties). Kamut
adds a light golden color to doughs.
Sorghum, an ancient grass, is known to be rich
in antioxidants and contains a vitamin and mineral
load similar to that of corn. Sorghum originated in
northeastern Africa and is very adapted to survive
in arid environments. Sorghum is gluten free and
being an ancient grass it doesn’t retain moisture
well, so precooking the flour is essential.
The preferments for this bread are a poolish with
the Kamut and a liquid levain with the sorghum.
The Kamut poolish will counter the strong nature
of the grain and using a levain for the sorghum will
improve its slightly neutral flavor. The addition of
molasses and butter both contribute to make a tender
and flavorful product.
Mixing & Bulk Fermentation:
Preparation note:
Sorghum flour requires gelling
the starch with boiling water prior to souring. Pour
scaled boiling water over the flour for the levain,
mix to incorporate, and cool to 70
F prior to adding
sourdough seed.
Sorghum, Kamut and
Pumpkin Seed Bread
Kamut Poolish and Sorghum Liquid Levain
1. Mix all ingredients until well incorporated with D.D.T. of 70
2. Allow to ferment 12-14 hrs at room temperature (65-70