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62 Pastry & Baking
North America
Hands On Chocolate
Publisher’s Note:
Prior to his joining Guittard
Chocolate as the in-house pastry chef, Donald
Wressell spent 19 years at the Four Seasons Beverly
Hills where he was named the 2005 Pastry Chef
of the Year, won Silver and Gold medals in the
Grand Salon Culinaire and placed second at the
Les Masters du Chocolat competition. Chef Donald
also represented the USA four times in Le Coupe
du Monde de la Patisserie.
Induction stove
2 qt. stainless pot
Stainless frame
stainless bowl
Oiled parchment
Rubber spatula
Guitar cutter
Perfect for any dessert, occasion and season. These chocolate
marshmallows are so much more than a hot chocolate accessory. They
are great melted atop a fancy dessert, roasted traditionally in a s’more
or a unique addition to tea or coffee.
Easy to make, they set perfectly, puffed and lightweight, bouncing off
one another as I toss them in the bowl . Unl ike store-bought
marshmallows, they are like little clouds of sweetness; soft, tender
and melt in your mouth.
Helpful hint – the syrup heats up fast once you
hit 180°F so keep an eye on it!
Photos by Vanessa Stump
70g Honey
225g Sugar
75g Water
100g Corn syrup
18g Gelatin
72g Water for gelatin
125g E. Guittard 70% Musique Fonce’e