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The education program was indeed a strong draw for
attendees. Produced by the Retail Bakers of America, AIB
International, Kendall College, the RPIA Group and the French
Pastry School, the program offered leading-edge instruction
focusing on everything from decorating trends to business
management and marketing. Several sessions were sold out,
including Determining Product Costs and Profit Margins,
Pricing Strategies for Sculpted and Custom Cakes, Freezing
Technology, Low Cost Promotions, and Cake Sculpting with
Internal Supports. Many show floor demonstrations were also
standing room only.
The 11th Annual Pillsbury Bakers’ Plus Creative Decorating
Competition also adorned the show floor with masterfully
decorated cakes. On Oct. 3, the top three scoring individuals
were announced and awarded medals and more than $14,000
in prize money for each of the five sponsored categories listed
below. The highest overall scoring individual was named the
Grand Champion and received the coveted Pillsbury Baker’s
Plus Grand Champion Trophy, sponsored by General Mills.
The winner will also serve as Floor Judge for the competition
at All Things Baking 2012.
Wedding Cakes Category – Sponsored by Pfeil & Holing:
Gold medal – Sunnie Guraedy, Portfolio Contestant
Silver medal – Dina Cimarusti, CARBA
Bronze medal – Stephanie Murphree, GSWRBA
Sculpted Cakes Category:
Gold medal – Dina Cimarusti, CARBA
Silver medal – Stephanie Murphree, GSWRBA
Bronze medal – Sunnie Guraedy, Portfolio Contestant
Pillsbury Grand Champion Trophy Winners:
• 2011
Pillsbury Grand Champion – Sunnie Guraedy
Second place – Stephanie Murphree
Third place – Dina Cimarusti
The All
Things Baking
Deemed a
Chicago, Ill. — All Things Baking, which took place in
Schaumburg, Ill., Oct. 2 -Oct. 4, lived up to its tagline as “All
the things you’ve ever wanted in a baking show.” Thousands of
attendees showed up ready to take advantage of the education,
hands-on demonstrations, bakery tours and the latest
innovations from 145 leading vendors. Created to serve as the
industry’s annual marketplace, meeting place and educational
forum during the two-year gap in the IBIE rotation, the show
was timed perfectly for attendees such as Stanley Bass of The
Cheesecake Factory who is installing a second line in his
operation. “I’m meeting with vendors with whom I’ve already
placed orders – confirming delivery dates and other details –
and I’m finding new vendors. I’ve written a lot of business on
the show floor.” Bass also mentioned that he was making good
connections that will be useful as he starts adding new products
to his mix.
A pleasant surprise to vendors and show organizers alike
was the number of international visitors in attendance.
Participants hailed from all 48 states, Washington, D.C., the
Virgin Islands, and 28 countries including Canada, Mexico,
Brazil, Germany, Peru, Guatemala and the UK. Luc Imberechts
of Bakon USA commented, “We came expecting a regional
event and were shocked at howmany national and international
buyers we’ve seen in our booth. I think it’s the education
program that’s attracted them to the show.”