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Gold medal – Stephanie Murphree, GSWRBA
Silver medal – Sunnie Guraedy, Portfolio Contestant
Bronze medal – Sara Konz, UMBA
Show organizers were very pleased with the turnout,
commenting that this launch event has given them a
great foundation on which to build for years to come.
Although registration was about 60 percent higher than
RBA’s standalone event in 2009, exact numbers are not
being released.
Instead, organizers will be doing post-event qualitative
and quantitative research to determine attendee and
exhibitor ROO and ROI and to collect information that
will help in making the show even better in 2012 and
beyond. “In light of current economic conditions, the
inaugural event was highly successful – especially in terms
of the quality of buyers present,” said Felix Sherman,
RBA president. “This is a testament to the strength and
vitality of the baking industry in North America.”
Next year’s All Things Baking will be held in Houston,
Texas, Sept. 9-11, 2012.
Show Environmental
Responsibility with Recycled
Nature’s Greens Traymats
OSHKOSH, WI (March 7, 2011) – Hoffmaster® is
pleased to introduce “NATURE’S GREENS” traymats –
an airy design printed in soothing tones of green and
tan. Create a balanced look on the tray top and address
sustainability issues at the same time. The traymats are
manufactured with 100% recycled paper to fit 14 x 18
and 15 x 20 tray sizes.
Complete the tray top with a Hoffmaster® Earth
Wise® recycled White napkin. Earth Wise® is an
environmentally responsible line of recycled paper
products certified by Green Seal™. EarthWise® products
are tested to ensure that they meet stringent
environmental leadership standards.
Continue the balanced look throughout the entire
facility with NATURE’S GREENS beverage napkins and
guest towels. Both items are printed with the same green
and tan print and are Green Seal™ certified.
For order placement or more information, please
contact a Hoffmaster® sales representative at 1-800-327-
or send an e-mail to