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Felchlin Switzerland –
Grand Cru
Madagascar 64% - 72h
This fine flavored cacao originates in the northwest of
Madagascar. The exact source is the catchment area of the
river Sambirano, which flows into the Mozambique Channel.
Maryse Eliette is responsible for the majority of imported
cacao by Felchlin Switzerland from the region. She is the
supervisor of the organization “Mevosa”, an alliance of
approximately 50 small cacao farmers that also cultivate
and sell vanilla in addition to cacao. When necessary,
Marysee Eliette also buys quality cacao from other farmers
in the region to supplement the harvest from “Mevosa”.
Well-balanced, fruity cacao flavor entwined with a touch
of roasted hazelnut aroma and complimented by the fresh
note of forest berries. The traditional, gentle processing
method (72 hours conching) unfolds a subtle fruit acid
note, enhanced through a hint of clove and cedar, leading
to a long-lasting, harmonious finish.
Available: In coins (2kg bags) or blocks (500g bars).
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