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ctober 2011 – After three-days
of breathtaking competition
between nineteen national
Chocolate Masters, the results of the fourth
World Chocolate Masters competition were
announced causing Dutchman Frank
Haasnoot to fly through the air in victory
en route to his receiving the World
Chocolate Master for 2011 title at the Salon
du Chocolat show in Paris. The chocolatier
from the Netherlands beat out 18 rivals
from around the world to take home the
title organized for the fourth time by Cacao
Barry®, Callebaut® and Carma®.
Frank Haasnoot, winner of the Dutch
World Chocolate Masters preselection, was
selected as the “World Chocolate Master
by an international jury composed of
twenty-two leading chocolate professionals.
In second place was Yoshiaki Uezaki from
Japan and in third place Palle Sorensen from
With the theme of this year’s
competition being “Cocoa, Quetzalcoatl’s
gift”, the jury carefully evaluated the
contestants’ work and creativity through
chocolate. The idea was for the chefs to
transport the spectators back to the origin
of cocoa, during the time of the ancient
Aztec Civilization.
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North America
Dutch Chef Frank Haasnoot
Wins theWorld Chocolate
Masters 2011
Photos by
Winner Frank Haasnootand and third place
finisher Palle Sorensen from Denmark.