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like the boulangeries and patisseries in France or Germany
that’s a great concept and hope it continues to grow here
in the US.
Because we focused on providing great food and developed
customer relations, we’ve weathered the economy well so far, even
with the typical retail cycles- but I am always telling the staff to
never get comfortable, because you never know what tomorrow
will bring. Seattle is a wonderful food town, but that means your
customers will be very knowledgeable and have lots of other places
to choose from. So – we stay on our toes to keep the products
excellent, the cases full, our customers happy, and focus on the
community around us.
At Bakery Nouveau, you work closely with your wife Heather.
What challenges does such constant familiarity present? Do
you bring the bakery business home?
So far, I have really enjoyed working with family, but who says
the bakery ever stops? Again, it’s a lifestyle, not a job, so some of
it has to come home.
In terms of daily life, I really like the fact I have had a chance
to work with Heather, as I said before she was an architect but
the bakery has consumed her too – she took an active role in
managing the retail side. This let us split jobs with me running
production and development, and her working with the café staff,
marketing and event organization. We’d see each other in the
day, but didn’t work shoulder-to-shoulder. Since we have recently
had our second child, she’s taking some time off (sort of), and
spending time with them is very important to me.
Given it’s a family business; we drafted her brother,
Christopher, too. He started in chocolate, and has moved into
café management and some light marketing. Even with her time
away from the office, Heather is continuing to work on packaging
design and is the designated CFSC (Chef ’s Financial Soundness
Consultant) – so, she’s still very active in the business, if not at
the shop every day.
In addition to Didier Rosada, who else has influenced your
baking style?
Didier Rosada was the one who taught me technology of bakery
ingredients. I learned a lot about breakfast pastry and
composition of flavors from Phillipe Lecorre. Pascal Janvier
shared a lot of knowledge about chocolate confections, petit
gateau and entremets – he also has a real demand for perfect