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Hands On Chocolate
Publisher’s Note:
Prior to his joining Guittard
Chocolate as the in-house pastry chef, Donald
Wressell spent 19 years at the Four Seasons Beverly
Hills where he was named the 2005 Pastry Chef
of the Year, won Silver and Gold medals in the
Grand Salon Culinaire and placed second at the
Les Masters du Chocolat competition. Chef Donald
also represented the USA four times in Le Coupe
du Monde de la Patisserie and recently captained
the winning team at the 2011 National PastryTeam
Obviously, I am a big fan of chocolate. Chocolate is the voice of passion
and love, whether it is the love of chocolate itself or as an expression
of love for another person.
Chocolate is the perfect culinary surprise for your guests and these
Palets d’Or, a classic recipe using basic tools and few ingredients, requires
no fancy equipment or special molds. With the holiday season upon
us, you’ll appreciate the ease of execution and the extraordinary
chocolate expression these treats provide.
Palets d’Or
Photos by Vanessa Stump
x26” Plexiglas
Induction stove
qt. sauce pan
S/S beaker
Rubber spatula
Immersion blender
Dry brush
Gold leaf
Shallow pan
Invert sugar
E. Guittard 70% Musique Foncee
Unsalted butter