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Who Makes Bean-to-Bar Chocolate?
You do!
At the Qzina Institute of Chocolate & Pastry
The world’s first bean-to-bar chocolate experience is opening soon for you to explore your greatest passion.
The Qzina Institute of Chocolate & Pastry is proud to present our Bean-to-Bar Experience, a two-
day program for professionals, chefs and enthusiasts to make your own ESTATE CHOCOLATE.
Select your beans, roast, winnow, grind, refine and conche your own chocolate to perfection at the
all new Qzina Institute of Chocolate & Pastry in Irvine, California.
Programs start February 2012.
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Who makes Pastry?
With MOF Stephane Treand
at his new ART OF PASTRY School in
San Clemente, CA
Programs start January 2012
to register
Chef Stephane Treand, MOF
Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92653
Inspiration For Chocolate, Dessert And Pastry Professionals