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Inside the Jewish Bakery
Recipes and Memories from
the Golden Age of Jewish Baking
There is nothing like being in a bakery, staring at counters full
of freshly made delights, trays full of breads and bagels, cookies
and other treats, and deciding what to buy.
Small, family-run Jewish bakeries that once lay at the heart
of close-knit urban neighborhoods all over America have
fallen victim to the demise of the old-school bakers, shifting
demographics and economic realities. But Stanley Ginsberg
and Norman Berg seek to keep the memories of these Jewish
bakeries alive with their new book,
Inside the Jewish Bakery:
Recipes and Memories from the Golden Ages of Jewish Baking
More than a collection of recipes, Inside the Jewish Bakery
chronicles the history and traditions-as well as the distinctive
baked goods-of Ashkenazi Jewry in Eastern Europe and its
immigration to America. Utilizing a vast array of sources, the
authors have crafted an engaging “edible history.”
We wrote this book to preserve and celebrate the tastes
and traditions of real Jewish baking and feelings of community
they evoked. As such, this book is more than just another