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compendium of recipes and instructions; rather, it’s
about a time when life was slower, simpler and perhaps
a little better,” explains Stan Ginsberg. “Both Norm and
I grew up in New York City’s outer boroughs in the
decades following World War II. We both lived in close-
knit, largely Jewish neighborhoods where neighbors
knew neighbors, shopkeepers knew their customers, and
mothers felt safe enough to park their baby carriages-
infants included-unattended outside stores while they
shopped. Business was based on trust, and rarely was
that trust betrayed.”
Inside the Jewish Bakery provides home bakers of
all skill levels recipes to recreate the authentically Jewish
breads, pastries, cookies and cakes that once filled the
shelves of neighborhood bakeries. The recipes themselves
are based on the professional formulas used by America’s
Jewish bakers during their Golden Age, adapted and
tested for home kitchens.
Several chapters showcase traditional Jewish breads
such as Challah and Rye and the authors provide a range
of recipes that span the histories of these breads and the
many ways to present them. Chapters also cover the
roots and Americanization of bagels, Bialys and a vast
assortment of rolls. Inside the Jewish Bakery also included
chapters on pastries, cakes and cookies, showcasing
recipes that have all but disappeared from American
bakery shelves. There is even a chapter devoted to
Passover baking.
In order to make high-volume bakery recipes easy
for the home cook, the authors broke down their recipes
into two elements: formulas for the doughs and batters
that are the basis for most of the recipes, and the
techniques used in mixing, shaping and finishing.
Baking is a form of chemistry, and professional
bakers use formulas exact as those in a chemist’s lab.
The formulas in this book have never appeared in print,
but were passed down from one generation of bakers
to the next, whose task it was to carry on the old
traditions and skills.” explains Ginsberg. “Over the years,
Norm accumulated thousands of these formulas. Many
of them survive in battered notebooks, jotted down in
baker’s notations; others were never written down but
survive only in memory. Many more have been lost
forever as aging master bakers leave this world and fewer
young people step up to carry on their craft.”
Inside the Jewish Bakery takes readers inside a fast-
disappearing tradition. It is a book that is timeless in its
appeal and is a must-read for anyone interested in
history, culture and baking. For home bakers who love
and appreciate the lost art of the full service bakery, the
recipes preserved inside this unique cookbook recall
those special Sunday mornings, holiday dinners and
family occasions.
More than 150 recipes and nearly 100 step-by-step
preparation photos, plus three eight-page color sections
featuring 48 mouth-watering color photos and published
by Camino Books, Inside the Jewish Bakery is available
nationwide at bookstores, libraries, and online